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Vocal Strengthening Lessons

Wouldn't you like to hit that high note without thinking about it?

  • 4 hr
  • ON-LINE Vocal Lessons by the month 4 lessons $220

Service Description

Eddie Law is now talking on new students to teach ON-LINE Vocal Strengthening Lessons! By the month, you get 4 lessons for the price of $220 than rounds out to be $55 hour a lesson. We also can do a evaluation to see if this method is right for you. It can take 6 to 8 lessons to get my Method down. Then we go on to learn songs, Mic techniques for live and studio recordings. But you have to get the Strengthening part down first or you can hurt your voice. What Eddie can help you with. 1) He will raise your vocal strength and rang up to, two or three octaves. 2) Perhaps you've struggled with a limited range, having to flip into falsetto all the time, when you reach the end of your note. 3) Youhave tried to belt though too few higher notes, but have either felt the strain and pain and given up? Maybe you have persisted and injured your vocal cords or you in the process of self-injury 4) maybe dissatisfied with your tone You as a result of all these. If so, Eddie can help YOU? 5) We will go over mic technique for live and studio recording.

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